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Client: A-Company
Project: Ad
Category: Advertising (Print & Broadcast)
"You don’t have to bend steel with your bare hands to be super. Each Straight-Wire bracket has level slot lineup, precise torque-in-base and tooth-specific contours for very precise bracket placement..."

When it was first introduced, the Straight-Wire Appliance was a true revolution in orthodontics. This technology replaced the standard, heavy metal bands with tiny precision brackets and precision-engineered titanium archwires, significantly reducing time and effort for the orthodontist and taking the guesswork out of tooth movement. The problem was, orthodontists were reluctant to stake their practices on a radically new approach. Our carefully targeted print, multimedia, and trade show messaging helped catapult the client from a distant No. 5 in the industry to a dead heat for No. 1 in less than three years.