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Client: Palms
Project: Brochure
Category: Brochures & Collateral
"Once in a great while, a rare pedigree of resort emerges that captives the spirit with its natural splendor and architectural grace. Such is The Palms—a destination so inspiring, it forever endures in the souls of those fortunate enough to visit."

Over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two about writing compelling copy for luxury brands. And this we know for sure: it goes far beyond stringing pretty adjectives together. Rather, it’s about creating an experience so rich, so palatable that your mind goes there…instantaneously. When David Carter Design Associates wanted to create a brochure capturing the essence of The Palms luxury resort, they unleashed 1400 Words to do what we do best. In the end, we delivered a piece that’s so inviting, it makes you want to just dive right in.