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Client: Offshoot Marketing
Project: Pizza Shoppe Radio
Category: Advertising (Print & Broadcast)
“In a world where families love pizza, the Budget Combo from Pizza Shoppe was legendary. And now, for a limited time, IT’S BACK! A King Single-Topping Pizza, two Shoppe House Salads, AND an order of Garlic Cheese Bread. For just $15.99! Return of the Budget Combo. A cheesy sequel? Perhaps. But it proves you don’t need a big budget to give families what they’re hungry for….”

Pizza Shoppe has been a Kansas City tradition since 1967. Over the years, they’ve offered some amazing deals to encourage families to come in and enjoy a delicious meal at a great price —  and our creative partner Offshoot Marketing was tasked with reintroducing one of the client’s most successful promotions in a fun, memorable way. Building upon the theme “It’s Back!,” Offshoot Marketing developed a point-of-purchase campaign reminiscent of a vintage suspense film. Our campy radio script brought the concept full circle.